Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Runaway Journal bag

This is the Runaway Journal Bag. She once lived her life as an old movie case but she was reborn much like the phoenix into my travel bag. I did take before pictures that I will make into a tutorial at a later date. I know little suitcases are in but they tend to be either flimsy and get scratched so easily or heavy because they were made to be indestructible.

The back is one of my photographs blown up and cut into sections and then a few layers of matte medium were added to protect it from the elements.
The inside cover (shown only with my name label here) is an ongoing collage that I add a little bit to each week. Usually the extra bits end up being stuck to it in a new way so I'm letting it evolve. I have a small addiction to the photo machine at Kinko's. It's great just stopping in on my way home and printing up a couple of pictures and adding them to my stash or using them in my latest work. It is like a puzzle getting everything inside. I have no idea where this journal is at the moment but I'm working in my datebook now. I have realized it is a good opportunity to have my work with most of the time me. I love that so many people are interested in art and making things with their own hands now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Begin small

This is the launch of the Runaway Journal Project. This idea has been brewing in my head for the past couple of years and now I am willing to work on it.

The other day I laughed when I saw an ad campaign for a very expensive scarf but they had tied it to the end of a stick hobo style. I remember doing that as a kid with one of my moms scarves and it was great fun. Unlike the expensive scarf it wasn't very big so you could only put a snack in it or a small game and you ran away. I usually went to the porch or in the front yard to have my mini adventure but now that I am adult I can go where ever I want to.

So we will begin a journey and I hope you enjoy yourself.