Wednesday, May 25, 2011


        I bought a ton of stuff at an auction on Saturday and I'm slowly sorting thought it. The awesome part of shopping at an auction is you can get so many random things for cheap but this is also the downside. I ended up with a box of casset tapes but In the same box a vintage globe light and a kids microscope. So now begins the sorting and picking out the pieces I want and donating or selling the rest to break even on what I bought.  This time I bought a bunch of old games, children's books and photographs.  Above are the  lovely end pages from a children's book.

Lovely cabinet cards.

The peaches are all ripe and they taste amazing right from the tree. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House warming

We went to two house warming parties this weekend and for the first one we broke with tradition and bought a gift card so we didn't have to worry about getting a duplicate gift.  I made a flat card and a few days later I decided I didn't like it so I simply cut it up for parts.  I simply cut a few slits in 5x7 paper and folded them to make the box shape. One was slightly smaller than the other so it would fit snugly inside.  The holes in the side made me think of a viewfinder and I decided to make a mini diorama and added the trees to the top portion of the box.  After I bought the gift card I used it for parts to create the dirt under the trees.The finishing touches of the house number,a poem in Latin, and a photograph.