Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The most wonderful place on earth

       A few years ago I got an e-mail about a class with Sabrina Ward Harrison and I jumped at the chance to visit Carol Parks studio in North Hollywood, California and spend the weekend playing. A year earlier Carol had written me a note about adding me to her mailing list because she got one of my mail art packets.  I said sure and later ordered a few of her zines and wear her similarly title button Artfreak on my art bag. Everything about the trip was wonderful because it was the perfect group of people in the perfect place.
       Carol's studio was mind blowing as art filled every corner and sprung from the ceilings and every nook and cranny.  She allowed all of us to take pictures of her house in pieces and laughed at me as I touched almost everything in her house.  I still have a little kid in me that likes to experience things though touch.  I was also raised going to museums every weekend when I was 5 or younger so I know what not to touch as well.  I had the pleasure of going to Carol's studio eight months later for another class and another great weekend.  I rode in Carol's car to the supermarket for lunch and she gave us sound advice about not drinking diet coke and the wonder of making art and the magic of being uncomfortable, broken down and creating art.  I have take some of my favorite pictures here and look at them every day. She has a small and wonderful garden that looked magical on film.
       Carol stopped holding classes so she could focus on her book and her own art promising to return to us as soon as possible.  I found out today that she passed away on Sunday.  I hope she finished her book as selfishly I was looking forward to having her words forever in my home but they will stay alive in my memory.  She will stay in a special place in my heart and I am heartbroken and send only the best to children and close friends who were left behind.