Monday, June 20, 2011


          So I saw this one photo of a rail porter (circa 1912) that I wanted and then I thought hey why don't I ask this guy what he wants for the whole box.  I won't tell you what I paid cause it will make you cry but cheers for being in the right place at the right time.  I also bought a few old books and this coin purse in horrible shape was at the bottom of the box.  I have been looking for these little coin purses and I took it as a sign that I should have the whole giant box of pictures and it was right.  
          It's strange but I rely on my instincts when buying from yard sales.  I found several pictures last week at another sale but they gave me the creeps and I couldn't buy them.  I later found out that the people who they belonged to were recently put in a nursing home and 95% of the items in were being sold  because they weren't coming back to the house. Who knew shopping yard sales could be so emotional.  We hit another sale where bought a few handkerchiefs.  It was a yearly sale that the German league has to support their parade and it was a lot of fun digging through boxes as they were dropped off.  I can't wait to sort everything in the coming week.  I picked out a few pictures that will be perfect for the travel journal I am working on in my brain. 

Sunday breathing spaces

An enjoyable 3 mile walk in the mountains on a trail that lent itself to picture taking and fresh air.  Several trees in the area were burned years ago but still stand tall with their burned bark and stark white/gray tree trunks.    We ran into a few hikers and a small group walking their bikes up the hill.  Not only was the main access road filled with rocks but it also went uphill and was not conducive to casual biking.  Now at this particular stretch I was so focused on why the trail was wet when the river didn't run through this part that I totally missed this snake. Yikes.