Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lucky for you I'm running out of pages to work on

Last week I found a red and white embroider duvet cover for $5 at a yard sale and it looked brand new. I'm building a tent for fun and these were the exact colors I wanted. The green in the corner reminded me of that. 1/3 of my friends are belly dancers so I had to cut this out in honor of them. I have no interest in belly dancing personally but it is fun to go to their shows and cheer them on.  They have no interest in actually having flat bellies but I do have to say they have the most toned arms I've ever seen on a group.

I had a long debate about getting this dress in the fitting room at the gap and I went home and slept on it.   I'm glad I waited because they had a super sale a week later and I got the last one for 40% off at another store. The store I normally shop at only got one in each size and that sucker sold fast and wasn't online. I wonder if it's a test piece?  I'll be testing it out very soon.

I made a few copies of the collages at the exact size but on 11x14  paper for letter writing. I went back with my glitter and glitter pens and brightened them before sending. You can fold the paper into unequal thirds and then I'll put a round sticker on it to seal it and put it in an envelope. I was thinking about buying some vellum envelopes but I have big sheets of vellum that I got for free so hopefully I can make envelopes myself. The pencil was a gift at the baby shower last weekend and I felt like such a dope trading my friend for it but I really wanted the one with hot pink on the top and it turned out to be sheep instead of cows. I always have a pen and a pencil with me...and glue and scissors. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

one track mind...in the middle of spring cleaning

Someone plastered one of the local neighborhoods with posters for the movie Begining which I saw a preview of when we went to see the Beaver (an amazing and disturbing movie) but I think we have a few weeks before it hits San Diego.  We are lucky enough to have two small art house film movie theaters close by and it seems that one of the big box office theaters has added art films to the roster to help attract new customers.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yard Sale

       The price of cherries is finally down and I can afford them again hooray.  These were amazing and I had them over two days.  My friends vintage colander was the perfect shade of light Tiffany blue. My mom had the same color Tupperware and you don't see if very often in contemporary design..

       I have a mental list that I buy from when I go to yard sales and I hit the jackpot again this weekend.  I tend to read more fiction in the summer so I figured I would stock up on some best sellers that are also movies.  I can't read a book too close to seeing the movie because I tend to get mad at the changes but if a few months have passed my memory gets a bit fuzzy and it usually doesn't matter as much. The watch needs a new battery but that's worth it to feel like Indiana Jones minus the hat.. Total haul $14 only because the quilt was $10 and it is so soft and falling apart every which way. that I had to have it  We drove for well over 30 minutes to an estate sale at a church and one table was piled high with quilts and of course I had to have the saddest one.  I have already washed it but I'm not quite sure how I will repair it or simply preserve it to use. The back is off white with wonderful off white hand stitching.  The woman who sold it to me asked if I was going to make it into a stuffed animal, I saw all the cuts I wold have to make in my head and almost gasped out loud. I have a problem cutting things up and I have a few pieces of clothes that I bought to alter but sit perfectly unaltered in my closet. 

I think this type of quilt is called spider quilt and only one line of it is intact.

       What a fantastic weekend and the weather wasn't as grim as first reported so I was able to take a lot of walks in between pet sitting my favorite dog.  It threatened to rain most of the morning but ended up being  a bit of misty dribble while the sun was shining.  I am exhausted and plan to fall asleep as soon as the Tony awards are over.