Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The last Wednesday of the month a bunch of volunteers go out to breakfast before volunteering. I was actually quite late to this one because I underestimated how far the restaurant was from apartment and didn't count on the traffic jam for the new library.  I was walking and in San Diego eventually the construction on a block will affects the sidewalk.  My personal favorite is when someone decided that they have to dig up all four corners of an intersection at the same time and they don't put up signs until you get close to the intersection.  Luckily that has only happened twice this year and I have been able to walk in the street without back tracking a full block.

I ordered the pancakes and ate less than half of this so as not get a tummy ache.  The restaurant is closer to the Baseball field and I'm sure I will make the trek again to try something completely different.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Planting - Where is my green thumb?

 Last year at the state fair they had this amazing display of succulents and I feel in love with this old soda box filled with succulents.  They weren't for sale so I figured I would just have to make my own.  I have no idea how to do this but I'll figure it out. My body did not include the green thumb model ( I break out in hives when I try to garden) but succulents are the perfect plant.  Hard to kill and i've been collecting the materials for this project for about a month. I found all the plants in once place but I work with a budget so I split up the buying of the plants into two trips. Finding the box was the hardest part but I finally saw one a few weeks ago in this little antique shop that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for things.  I saw a Pepsi-co box the week before but truth be told I'm a Coca-cola girl through and through, so I'm glad I didn't compromise.  I sprayed the outside with a clear finish so that it will have a little protection from the elements. 

I have to figure out how to prop the plants up and moss just crept into my brain but that would mean another trip to home depot so I'm making my brain pick something else out that I already have.   

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red and White

 I spent $15 yesterday with the splurge on the place mats but they were $1 a piece and I'm looking for red and white fabric to finish off my homemade teepee / tent.  It's a coincidence that everything ended up being red and white but they make a nice collection even though they are going to be split up.  I also bought 3 pairs of scissors and some Superman bed sheets.  I'm going to look at the way people display their collections because I think the scissors are my first official collection.  I'm sure I top 20 pairs by now and I can't wait to sort them.

I love this series of books from the 70's because it's chock full of pictures and the styles you don't see any more.  I'm working on my embroidery stitches this week and I can see that the basic stitches haven't changed.

ABC's of lettering by Carl Holmes...perfect for writing inspiration.