Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The last Wednesday of the month a bunch of volunteers go out to breakfast before volunteering. I was actually quite late to this one because I underestimated how far the restaurant was from apartment and didn't count on the traffic jam for the new library.  I was walking and in San Diego eventually the construction on a block will affects the sidewalk.  My personal favorite is when someone decided that they have to dig up all four corners of an intersection at the same time and they don't put up signs until you get close to the intersection.  Luckily that has only happened twice this year and I have been able to walk in the street without back tracking a full block.

I ordered the pancakes and ate less than half of this so as not get a tummy ache.  The restaurant is closer to the Baseball field and I'm sure I will make the trek again to try something completely different.

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