Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working on a new journal

The green is two shades of pan pastel and sprayed with fix.
The dogwood flowers were painted with white Higgins ink.  I loved the way white looked aged because it sunk into the brown paper.  I added a bit of colored pencil around the edge.  I sprayed fix over the pages in layers so I could work on the whole page without smearing the green pan pastel.

I started making a journal to work in at work on my lunch break and it was pushed aside a bit by life and working on other projects but I'm starting it up again.  I still work much better when I bind the pages after I finish them.  I have always been into story telling in the way of fairytale and myths so it creeps into my artwork in the way the pages are arranged.  If I were to bind the book I would be forced to think a bit more about where I drew each picture.  I'm not one of those people who gets over something that isn't working but at the same time I don't think everything has to be perfect.    So for now it remains a folio until I get to the binding stage.  The pink jacket is still a work in progress since it is way to bright and almost glows in the dark.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Sketchbook Project.

 The theme was "Travel with me," and I decided to draw pictures of my dreams and a few meditations thrown in for good measure.  I'm sure these themes will pop up in my next journal.

I finally invested in a new computer and some new photo editing software along with a new job that I finally feel settled in.  The good news is I can get back into blogging and posting art quickly.  The sketchbook project was a lot of fun despite that fact that I didn't actually get started until the first of January and it was due the 31st.  I work better under pressure but my next project isn't due till August and I've already started it.  I may use a few of these pictures for inspirations because it's kind of sad to send so many pictures away.