Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh you guessed it...more collage

I found a globe lamp at an auction a few weeks ago and the suspenders are inspiring me to do some more embroidery.
Off to play at the farmer's market.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Moleskin maddness

This could be called all the things I am loving.  Printed jackets,Heath ceramics, Bold Prints, books about dressing like a Parisian, Oxfords, websites to look up and ideas for making fantastic Pie and books I read at the library. Lust was my library book my sister picked out because it was a traveling journal. I found it to be kind of boring. The idea was for designers to write or draw about things they were passionate about totally my kind of topic but the contributions were very basic and granted I only flipped through it not very deep. Feel free to correct me on this if I need to take a second look. 

If I find a review of a book I want to read I immediately cut out the review or picture for the book and keep an eye out for it.  When I save pictures of clothes it's not always literal but just the idea of what I can put together from what I already own or something that I need to buy that will give me the same feeling.  A few years ago I was looking though a date book and I saw a jacket that I cut out and I ended up buying it a year later on eBay totally forgetting about the picture.  Pictures are fantastic memory jogs for me. If only the rememberall from Harry Potter were a true item.  My memory leans towards pictures and how things are arranged.

My sister is working on some project that includes cutting on a zillion heads from magazines so I'm still working on my collages and I've figured out a way to transport them in my purse. One envelope for magazine cut outs and one for photographs. I could put this all in one envelope but the photographs are intended for another project and I don't want to mix them up. Then I only need a bottle of glue.  Once the week rolls around I doodle on the page and add my notes. I've colored it in a bit more since this but you get the idea.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moleskine adventures

My sister really wants to make art this week and I don't but we are tied in the buddy motivation system so I started making simple collages again and it is quite addicting. Plus I can use it to save the small bits in magazines I love and get the rest in the recycle bin. I have switched glue several times. Yes paste works the best if you don't want wrinkles on the other side of your pages but glue all and bookbinding glue are usually what I have in my bag.

1st attempt. I'm not sold on the model but I really like this menswear mixed with rockabilly and I cut off her legs for another collage and I felt guilt about throwing away her top half.  Although I cut out a bunch a heads to use on different bodies in the future.


I liked the idea that she had an idea to inspire her in the classroom.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Shower

One of my friends is a little over a month away from having her baby girl complete with a very long name picked out that I will soon have to learn to spell (smile).  Surprisingly I ended up being one of the few ladies who didn't buy anything pink as a gift. I knew I wanted to get overalls but I had to wait for those suckers to go on sale. I did a little freehand doodle stitching on some overalls that happen to match a pair I wear around the house so I already had a little practice. I also found a newborn shirt with a panda on it and cherry red shirt to match a chewbeads necklace for the mom to be.  If you haven't heard of chew beads they are made of non-toxic material and they are okay to chew by the baby and the claps will open if 5lbs of weight is put on it. 

The box was easy to make since I wasn't spending money on baby bag.   Simply cover a box with wallpaper (I've had this paper for years but it is still being made).  The design already had the squares on it and I made some black & white copies of vintage pictures and a red rose from my stash. Outline the pictures and paint gold liquid acyclic on the sides, then draw more boxes on the side. Cost 60 cents since I just had to pay for the copies but you could you cut pictures out of a magazine you already own.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunshine and wind

 Sunday Sunday was warm and sunny today so we took a little trip North to former Navy housing and officers buildings which have been converted to lovely shops, a gym, craft space, restaurants and meeting rooms.  The best part is the large space outside where you can sit in the grass for hours or watch all the kids playing games or cooking out in one of the grills.  It is in the path of the airport so you may have to stop mid sentence to talk because every 10 minutes or so you will be drowned out by the sound of plane engines.
 I did a bit of writing in my 8x8 journal and worked on some collages in my date book.  We sat down right by the water so messing around with paper became impossible and I quickly switched gears to working with my pens and just laying on the grass.
 We saw no less than 10 little canoes and boats as soon as we arrived.  A boat from the National Oceanic and  Atmospheric Association (Several years ago and in a different state I worked for the National Weather Service so I get excited when I see the symbol)
 We finished everything off with dinner at a diner. I really wanted to get a picture of the guy making these amazing balloon sculptures (mermaids,penguins, dogs) and he didn't smile the whole time and he was doing it for free to promote his business.  Lot's of kids on a Sunday and the waitstaff  singing happy birthday, a song every hour with a old fashion dance and twisting straws into young ladies hair (and one gentleman got a straw crown taped to his head) for fun.