Friday, July 2, 2010

On the farm or at the fair

I spent yesterday afternoon at the fair. I ate a hearty breakfast(oatmeal and fruit) and was ready to chow down by the time I got off the train in Del Mar, California. Due to some accident I rode the Amatrack train up the coast and I had forgotten how amazing the views were. I always liked riding on the side of a mountain. When I was in college I would take the train from central New York to Maryland. It was a long ride and not that much cheaper than a plane but I enjoyed reading and making things on the ride. I am now tempted to take a longer trip.

Anywhoo at the fair I had a great time walking around and I was able to take a ton of pictures that I can use as reference for drawings . The 4-H booths and the garden center are my favorites.

I had a run in with a giant pretzel so my dreams of eating through the fair were dashed quite quickly.

11,192 steps late I was exhausted and ready to ride the train back home and stop off for a hot tea. I even made dinner and ended up walking 7 miles. June is our overcast month and it is spreading into July. The sun came out at $:30 right when U was leaving but it was bright enough to be enjoyable. Journal pictures later.