Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring round Robin Journal

Round Robin

My round robin journal made it's way back a few weeks ago and it had quite a few pages that needed to be filled so I started filling it in.  My theme was Spring so I was happy that it came back in the Spring so I would feel inspired to create in the moment.

San Diego has had the rare treat of  rain on and off all week and I was excited to see a full sunny day today.  Since I wanted to spend time outside we drove to the mountains for a hike where we found snow. it is a short 35 minute ride outside of  downtown San Diego to a state park with high enough elevations to get snow.  I was a warm day with a bit of wind and plenty of little kids riding sleds down the mountainside.We had one doggy with soggy feet and were lucky to find an access road that was clear of snow and running water.  I think we are due for some sun this week.