Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moleskine adventures

My sister really wants to make art this week and I don't but we are tied in the buddy motivation system so I started making simple collages again and it is quite addicting. Plus I can use it to save the small bits in magazines I love and get the rest in the recycle bin. I have switched glue several times. Yes paste works the best if you don't want wrinkles on the other side of your pages but glue all and bookbinding glue are usually what I have in my bag.

1st attempt. I'm not sold on the model but I really like this menswear mixed with rockabilly and I cut off her legs for another collage and I felt guilt about throwing away her top half.  Although I cut out a bunch a heads to use on different bodies in the future.


I liked the idea that she had an idea to inspire her in the classroom.

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  1. What a treat! I love being able to check out what other artists are doing in their personal journals! This looks like a lot of fun...and a great way to stretch your collage skills, as well as your imagination!