Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunshine and wind

 Sunday Sunday was warm and sunny today so we took a little trip North to former Navy housing and officers buildings which have been converted to lovely shops, a gym, craft space, restaurants and meeting rooms.  The best part is the large space outside where you can sit in the grass for hours or watch all the kids playing games or cooking out in one of the grills.  It is in the path of the airport so you may have to stop mid sentence to talk because every 10 minutes or so you will be drowned out by the sound of plane engines.
 I did a bit of writing in my 8x8 journal and worked on some collages in my date book.  We sat down right by the water so messing around with paper became impossible and I quickly switched gears to working with my pens and just laying on the grass.
 We saw no less than 10 little canoes and boats as soon as we arrived.  A boat from the National Oceanic and  Atmospheric Association (Several years ago and in a different state I worked for the National Weather Service so I get excited when I see the symbol)
 We finished everything off with dinner at a diner. I really wanted to get a picture of the guy making these amazing balloon sculptures (mermaids,penguins, dogs) and he didn't smile the whole time and he was doing it for free to promote his business.  Lot's of kids on a Sunday and the waitstaff  singing happy birthday, a song every hour with a old fashion dance and twisting straws into young ladies hair (and one gentleman got a straw crown taped to his head) for fun.


  1. I really like your date book collage! I recently made a travel journal out of a discarded date book, and the small, narrow pages with a few squares of the calendar showing through the gesso and paint make the perfect background!

  2. Thank you. I'll post some other pages very soon. I have been so focused on improving my drawing and photography that I gave up on one of the things I loved to do. I;m a bit more excited to open up my book and write notes in it plus I can have all those bits I love in one place.

    I don't know if you've tried clear gesso on fabric but it makes a nice surface to draw on. It works better on lighter fabric.