Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red and White

 I spent $15 yesterday with the splurge on the place mats but they were $1 a piece and I'm looking for red and white fabric to finish off my homemade teepee / tent.  It's a coincidence that everything ended up being red and white but they make a nice collection even though they are going to be split up.  I also bought 3 pairs of scissors and some Superman bed sheets.  I'm going to look at the way people display their collections because I think the scissors are my first official collection.  I'm sure I top 20 pairs by now and I can't wait to sort them.

I love this series of books from the 70's because it's chock full of pictures and the styles you don't see any more.  I'm working on my embroidery stitches this week and I can see that the basic stitches haven't changed.

ABC's of lettering by Carl Holmes...perfect for writing inspiration.

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