Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lucky for you I'm running out of pages to work on

Last week I found a red and white embroider duvet cover for $5 at a yard sale and it looked brand new. I'm building a tent for fun and these were the exact colors I wanted. The green in the corner reminded me of that. 1/3 of my friends are belly dancers so I had to cut this out in honor of them. I have no interest in belly dancing personally but it is fun to go to their shows and cheer them on.  They have no interest in actually having flat bellies but I do have to say they have the most toned arms I've ever seen on a group.

I had a long debate about getting this dress in the fitting room at the gap and I went home and slept on it.   I'm glad I waited because they had a super sale a week later and I got the last one for 40% off at another store. The store I normally shop at only got one in each size and that sucker sold fast and wasn't online. I wonder if it's a test piece?  I'll be testing it out very soon.

I made a few copies of the collages at the exact size but on 11x14  paper for letter writing. I went back with my glitter and glitter pens and brightened them before sending. You can fold the paper into unequal thirds and then I'll put a round sticker on it to seal it and put it in an envelope. I was thinking about buying some vellum envelopes but I have big sheets of vellum that I got for free so hopefully I can make envelopes myself. The pencil was a gift at the baby shower last weekend and I felt like such a dope trading my friend for it but I really wanted the one with hot pink on the top and it turned out to be sheep instead of cows. I always have a pen and a pencil with me...and glue and scissors. 

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  1. I know I've said this before, but I absolutely love the way you collage together a variety of disparate images from magazines, and mold them into a cohesive whole piece!