Monday, October 11, 2010

More fun on the road

 If you are lucky enough to get a seat by yourself on the plane than you can do lots of crafts without bothering your seat mate.  I made a new doll by the light placed conveniently overhead.I pre-cut the paper to size and pack kiddie scissors in my bag.
 Safely placed on my art bag with my favorite paper-doll Molly.  The new doll was wearing the clothes I wore on my trip to the east coast.
 I packed a yummy lunch for the plane ride.  I love Southwest but if I have to eat cheese flavored crackers I'll be ill.   Homemade chicken salad with toast, two nectarines and lots of pumpkin bread.  Plenty to cover the 6 hour plus trip.
It was raining on and off all week in Maryland and DC but it was pretty clear on the way to the airport.  I missed getting a shot of the trees by the side of the road.  In California you see concrete or grass as far as the next building so I was presently surprised to see tall trees that were thick and unfortunately still green.  I'm a sucker for changing leaves and barely one to be seen at the beginning of October.

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