Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vitamin D Journal

 I have a small bad habit of making a journal and not finishing the last pages.  Last year I vowed to finish them off and I didn't get very far so I'm jumping back in.  I've dove back into the Vitamin D journal and since I only like half of the work in it I'm trying new things.

I updated the front page with PanPastel artist pastels. I like rubbing the color on with my fingers but I don't like having to apply fixative so it's a trade off.  My local art store carries all the colors now so I may buy a few more.The sets come with make up type applicators and I have a few of those that I got on sale a few years ago. You could simply make your own set with the $1 make up wedges and eye shadow applicators.  I love how they made the containers so you can make your own stacks as each of the containers can be connected  by simply discarding the lid.

Watercolors, Neocolor II,photos,color copy,and pens.


  1. I can relate to the problem of starting journals and not finishing them! In all other aspects of my life, I get really uncomfortable with not being done with a process once it's begun...but when it comes to art, I just can't seem stop myself from jumping from one thing to the next...and before I know it, I have ten unfinished projects laying out around the studio! It's hard for me to ignore new inspiration...because I feel if I wait to pursue it, I'll lose it!

  2. Good for you for going back to this unfinished journal, and working to complete it! This is definitely something I need to do, as well, as I look ahead to the summer!

  3. Thanks. I get in the habit of working in a certain book and then I think of a new book I want to make and I start working in that. Some of the books are left over from classes I took years ago and never worked in once I got them home. A few months ago I stuck with one book and got so much work done. I left all the pages loose so I could rearrange the story as I went along before I bound them. It drove me a bit crazy but I was able to work fast because I gave myself a deadline. Cheers to summer.