Monday, April 9, 2012

Messing around with collage

        I have an aversion to pre-made backgrounds but I'm trying to get over it so I'm working in a smash* journal.  I like when I see what other people do with the pages they made or pre-printed pages but I feel a bit locked in when I have to connect with the colors in the background.  My mini solution is to work out of order on the pages so I can choose the right colors to fit the bits I'm working with but I tend to work out of page order in a plain white journal.

         The original idea was to take my more labor intensive journal to work and leave this one at home so I can work on something simple when I am dead tired after work.  I flip flop with this idea and pulled it out again on my day off and I'm going to take it to work with just a pen and a few pencils. I just need to do something and include it with packing my bag for the day like packing my lunch.  I'm still working on this page but I like seeing the process and I'll retake all the pictures in natural light when I'm finished. 

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