Monday, March 1, 2010

Tara Donavon

I wish I had a picture to show but I finally made it into the Tara Donavon show at the MCASD in downtown San Diego. Google her images and get blown away. The pieces are giant so the bigger you can see them the better. It's only a hop and a jump from my place and the museum stayed open till 10 pm. At 3pm the line was wrapped around the corner so I came back at 7 and took a twirl. She does the most amazing things with cups and straws that sound silly when I write about them but amazing to see in person. I was looking at an old issue of Selvedge and they had an article about her work so I was pleasantly surprised to see her work in print and in person in the same week. I do have a post card that I will work into my journal and I'll take pictures of it once the rain journal is done. If you don't like the rain make a whole journal about it so you can embrace it.

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