Thursday, April 22, 2010


Now that it is Spring the lunchboxes are coming back out and taking trips with me. This is my new (December) tiffin box and it worked out well. The problem with a traditional lunchbox is the open space that you have to pack everything in plastic or foil which may or may not be recycled. I try not to use plastic because the chance of me washing it and letting it dry to use again are slim to none. The tiffin is a great alternative for a take away.

Lunch included two hard boiled eggs, blackberries, a ham and turkey sandwich, cucumbers and garlic hummus. I didn't eat everything at once but it was all very good. The blackberries were sweet so that was an added bonus. I love almost all fruits but what I buy depends on the price. I'm waiting for cherries to come back in season for less than $8 a pound.

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