Saturday, May 22, 2010

Round Robin

The first book for the round robin came this week and since Erin allowed us to do whatever we wanted in her journal the sky is the limit. I'm still on my bird kick, tip it's all about the shape of the head. Then I cut a hole which was originally a photo album type look but it was kind of boring. As luck would have it I saw something on printing with feathers. It was kind of hit and miss but I'm going to practice the technique a bit more and use it again. It was actually able to do it in Starbucks with no mess and only one brayer. They just installed bar type seating and it has a little shelf under it so I put the book on the shelf to dry. I'm debating adding color to one of the pages but happy about the way it turned out over all.

This journal belongs to the lovely Erin Kenepp who I actually met a few years ago at a Sabrina Ward Harrison weekend. The weekend was super amazing and intense and highly recommended if you ever have the chance to go. Erin's blog is located here


  1. I love what you have done in this journal...this is so exciting!!