Friday, July 30, 2010

Found Jornal

I have spent a lot of time cleaning the past two weeks and found quite a few journals that I made in classes but never finished.  The good news is I am going to finish them and then I will have a few more things to show when someone wants to see what I do.  I have a habit of giving things away and not taking pictures and I am trying to break that habit. 

I forget the name of the class but it was taught by Pam Garrison in 2008 at Artfest.  We decorated the covers and built the books in class.  She works amazingly fast and can easily turn around the ugly parts of art into something awesome.  Once I  have an idea I can work pretty fast but getting one is the hard part. 

The first page can be rather daunting so I started simple.  I am a vitamin D lover and am currently unhappy with the fact that San Diego has been overcast for the past two months.  It is a bummer (the lack of sun not this page) but the rest of the pages in this book are shaping up nicely and I'm using up some of the scraps that I have been sticking in drawers for ages. 

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