Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dream big-Round Robin

This months book belongs to Lisa Miller and her theme is based on a quote about dreams. I glued fabric to two pages and decided to stick with black and white with a few shades of grey thrown in. Several years ago I did a workshop on dreams for a few friends and it was a fun experience. Several thoughts were swirling around in my head. I have been having nightmares lately about going back to work. Making art is a great way to avoid sending out more resumes. When you are really good and qualified for one thing and then you look for something new it is a little bit daunting.

I volunteer at the New Children's Museum and a bunch of us got to go in yesterday and restock the supplies. One of the exhibits was involved in an accident (I know this sounds strange but you can only guess what can go wrong with kids in an open space. Gross.)

I was building these white cardboard boxes and was given the task of draw animals on four sides of the boxes. I have spent the last six months drawing animals and felt comfortable drawing in marker. I create less rules for myself when I am working on something where the audience will be children. If it looks weird just try to make the animal smile and it's all good. I can't wait to see what the kids create on the rest of the boxes.

When I came home I looked at my reference photos for sheep and the rest just came up. It's a little bit interactive since the small sheep has a movable head. If I can't sleep I meditate or make up stories till I drop off. Counting sheep would be a meditation but I need a little more to focus on to shut my brain off. The envelope on the 2nd page has a message to the universe. All the small photographs are of roads. The 3rd page is the Poe quote to close the piece.

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