Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ohh the bees

The last panel is linen with cotton thread embroidery. A few years ago I was stung by a bee that flew off an elephant but it has dual meaning for the story. Friendship has prickly points. In the end it's hard to be a good friend but I am so grateful for the friends I do have.

This went off in the mail on the 2nd and the new book arrived on Saturday. I had a good time interpreting the theme tribes for Kathy's book. I am very lucky that our public library has a large collection of Lynda Barry books so I have been devouring those as of late. I love the way she is able to mix real concepts with graphic images. Quite a few of her stories have made me tear up because they are so heartbreaking. I would love to expand the story but it seems like a giant process that I can't take on at the moment. I'm lucky that I still have several years of journals to draw from if I need story ideas.

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