Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adventures in the woods

On Saturday my camera just stopped working.  I knew it was going to happen because I dropped it a few weeks ago and I noticed my pictures were not as crisp as they had been and I had to fix most of the pictures in post.  Fast forward to a trip to the electronics store and an actual helpful sales person and I have a new Canon SD1300 IS Elph.  It is half the weight of my old camera and it takes awesome pictures.  I need to find my old camera case or make a new one for it so it stays fresh and new.

     Sunday we drove up to the woods and took out our sketch pads and drew into the evening.  It was a wonderful evening and we were sorry that we didn't bring anything to put on the grill because the family in ear shot of us was having the best hot dogs and buttered buns.  We went into town and hit one of the local restaurants.  The last time I ate here I had  amazing (insert fireworks) French toast and since it was dinner we had the special of the night.    .

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  1. Good news about the camera. It looks like you have some great locations around there too.