Friday, August 27, 2010

Work in progress

At the moment I'm not sure what this is but I'm having fun working on it.  I would love to make one that stands up but this one is destined to go in a book.  Each of the items lifts up or beds forward so you can write on the backside.  I'm adding more elements so that it looks like it is a story about the woods.

Last week I took a grueling travel journal class and I am so glad I got a chance to go to a mini sketching boot camp.  The teacher was very direct which was very good for the side of my brain that can't follow directions. The teacher told us that we will remember places more once we sketch them and anything that helps my memory is awesome.   The third day of class I was terribly late because I missed the bus and the next bus was early so I missed the connection.  It was a grand mess but everyone ended up being late because of the traffic into our travel location.  The most challenging part was drawing fast when the sun went down.   I enjoyed the process and can't wait to get back to drawing every day.   Draw something everyday.

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