Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blueberries and the closest I will get to organic gardening.

Step 1 Buy blueberries and stare at them. Then draw simple circles.  I used the middle out of a CD but you could draw them freehand or with a compass.
Step 2. Choose at least 3 colors to work with because if gives your pictures more dept.  Build color light to dark.  Once the first color is laid down erase the hard outside lines to get the 3-D effect.  Build color.  For me it's easier to fill when I work in a circular motion.
Step 4 Fill in the negative space to help your drawing pop. Add color lightly until you get the desired effect.
I love all the new posters popping up that emphasise fresh food so I did my own take on this theme.   I wanted to pick something a little different for the title and went with It's Alive a nod to Frankenstein. 

A few years ago I went in to weed a garden and learned that I am allergic to it. I could do it if I kept my sleeves down and gloves on but I am addicted to rolling up my sleeves. I'm not sure what I'm allergic to but I have to stick to container gardening if I ever what to make it as a farmer.

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