Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday

    Yard Sales tend to be hit or miss and we found the best things at the last two sales that happened to be near the restaurant where we were eating breakfast.  The owner of this rug just moved from a 3,000 sq foot house to 1,000 sq house but it had a really long back yard that would be amazing to have parties in or put a giant shed for extra storage or another room.  They own a shop so they knew the history of their pieces and were offering fair prices. This rug came in two parts because it was made on a small loom used by children.  I love how bright the colors are in this rug and it made my friend a very happy new owner.

      I picked up a bunch of different fabrics that I want to turn into aprons.  I spent a little bit more on these than I usually do but it was the only thing on my stop and my own buy so I was happy to fork over the 12 bucks.  I'm the queen of the dollar sale. Battenberg lace and floral dreaminess.

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