Sunday, May 15, 2011


        I rode the commuter train up the coast to a small quilt,craft and sewing convention just to see what the vendors are selling.  I saw allot of amazing fabric and trim but the only thing I wanted were a few of the sashiko (Japanese embroidery) kits that were on sale.  I happened to open a craft book the day before going to show with information about sashiko and I wanted to try it.  Well the universe was working for me because one booth had the kits and the needlework society was there and they were giving tips to another person about it at the exact time I was walking buy.  I 'm close to finishing my practice piece and I'm made a few mistakes because you have to be careful about pulling the cord too tight and puckering the fabric.  The directions are all in Japanese but the directions have clear pictures so if you've done embroidery before you can figure it out.  Since I'm almost finished I did a little google search and found this nice tutorial on Purl Bee .  I know it takes longer but once in a while I like to figure things out for myself if I don't have a time line.

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