Monday, July 18, 2011

Journaling and lunch with my sister

I was taught not to read at the table but my sister is downloading books to her Kindle so I don't feel bad drawing in my journal while she is distracted.  So happy to have my journal back home safe from  Sommerset Studios so I'm making haste to finish the last 8 pages or so of this 42 page book.  I'm eager to start on the next project.


  1. Gorgeous pages! I especially love the one on the right...the imagery is perfect for that vintage photo! Does this home belong to someone in your family, or an ancestor? I'm curious to know more about the significance of it, and why you chose it!

  2. I have a box of old photographs that I bought at a garage sale it's the only photograph in my book that I didn't take or draw. I do have a few collage pieces a map and a piece of sheet music that I used for background but I really wanted to see if I could draw or create everything in this book.

    Unfortunately my family has very few old photographs. We have one picture of my dad from his childhood and we aren't 100% sure it's my dad. My mother has a bit more but they both came from very large families so pictures were an extravagance.

    In general I start with a picture and then I keep adding things until I can tell a story. I started with the flower and wanted to add the picture of the girl that I originally drew for a different journal. I made her left arm see through and then cut it off when I cut her out so I wanted something to cover it and went looking for a picture. I looked though all my pictures and looked though the box of photographs. Added the house and saw that I had a picture of a picket fence. Then I looked for other elements and thought of the doily and colored it to fit the flower scheme. Watercolor and pen work were last.