Monday, January 17, 2011

Forward bound no looking back

This bear represents all the things I need to get done but I'm trying to take it once piece at a time. I jumped right into my new journal at the beginning of the year with the goal of getting it done by February 10th.  I work so much better with a deadline so I had to make one or the pages will just sit around blank until I get to them.

 I still have 3 unfinished journals but I will get back to them when the mood hits me. The are all a little different one for sketching, one for collage, one is a mix and I love them all but I'm buckling down in my watercolor and drawing journal to really get the ball rolling. I have been working at the break neck spread of a journal page every two days and have actually kept up for the most part.  I am jealous of people who can work really fast but I can only draw so fast but I have seen improvement these last couple of months and luckily I'm only comparing my work to my own work. 

The last couple of years I was held back by the lack of ideas but I think I jumped over that hurdle.    I am very lucky to not suffer from an inner critic (mainly because I'm doing all the work for me) but some days the idea fairy flies away before dropping that fairy dust on my head.  Things are crazy but I'm using my pages to work though allot of junk so I can get to my next goal.  My current journal is filled with things that happened last year and the current year all with the idea that these things will push me forward.

We are having the most amazing weather here in San Diego and I'm taking advantage of it with cameras in tow.

Dream Big  

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