Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smell the roses?

       A while ago I read this article about the lack of scent that came off of certain strains of roses.  Well it turns out that the focus has been put on making great robust colorful roses and not the fragrance.  This may not be helping the bee population but as I remember science class a number of factors go into the whole bee pollination thing like color and shape.  Well enter the recent problem with the bee population and scientist are trying to put the scent back in roses. Now that smell like a rewarding job (sorry I couldn't help it).

       I love fresh cut flowers and am waiting for my favorites to come back in season.  I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of two great farmers markets.  One is seasonal and the other is every Saturday rain or shine.  This week the farmers market was bustling because of the amazing weather and the lines were longest at the food stands where delightful food is cooked to order.  I am currently on a fresh foods only eating kick so I skipped the stands and went straight to the fresh vendors.  I hit the jackpot with 2 sweet potatoes, garlic, bok choi, ginger for $2.30.  I did splurge for the blueberries and they were worth every penny I paid. I still shop at the super market and i have been very lucky with cherries the past couple of weeks.  The local grocery store was remodeled and they put most of the fruits and veggies on sale which was music to my pocketbook.

 For Sunday dinner I made a take on gluten free lasagna.  Fresh eggplant instead of noodles, lean ground beef mixed with onion,garlic shallots and a spicy Arrabiata  (angry) sauce cooked for 35 mins covered at 400 degrees.  I can't have cheese but feel free to add your favorite.   I love getting two servings of vegetables in one sitting without having to make anything extra.  I'm looking forward to having my left over piece for lunch today. 

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