Saturday, January 22, 2011

You do learn things by watching tv

      A few weeks ago the queen of all media did a great show about health and wellness.  Most of the things I have heard before but one item struck a cord and I'm hoping it will stick.  It was the idea that you base all your decision about your life about living your dreams.  If you have a choice choose the thing that will get you to where you want to go you will get there.  I do have a plan in place but it seems easier to manage if I just ask myself the simple question is this keeping me on the path or off the path. 

      At the moment eating bread is keeping me off the path so I cut it out.  I didn't think it was possible and it's not forever but I think it was the thing making me a crazy hungry person.  I was a person who would get super grumpy when I didn't eat and couldn't function.  Now I can function and just make a meal.  If you ever see me on the street I do have a snack in my purse. Plus I'm working on a whole bunch of things that are keeping me on target to my goal. 

Time to do some journaling.

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